Vendor Info


Be Your Own Boss!

Vendors sell and collect their own money  

with no commission paid to market.

Monthly consignment Booths are also available, contact us for more information.

Monthly booth rentals are available.

Flea Market Booth Rates: (indoor)

6' X 8' Booth -   $110.00

8' X 10' Booth - $130.00
10' X 16' Booth - $190.00​

10' X 20' Booth - $220.00

​12' X 16' Booth - $240.00​


Flea Market Rates: (outdoor, first come first served)

Daily Outdoor Rates:
1 Spot - $10.00 per day

Indoor Market opens at 10AM. 
Outdoor set up as early as 6AM
Do not set up in reserved spots. 
To make reservations please call.


4020 Pleasant Ave. Hamilton OH 45015 | 513-889-1754

20,000 Indoor Square Feet
over 20,000 Outdoor Square Feet


Flea Market & Consignment

Open Year Round!

Fri., Sat., & Sun. 10am-6pm

Pleasant Treasures is NOT responsible for vendors’ merchandise. Pleasant Treasures reserves the right to refuse any vendor. Pleasant Treasures reserves the right to inspect vendor merchandise. Pleasant Treasures does not permit the display, trade or sale of COUNTERFEIT MERCHANDISE. The sale, trade or display of firearms is prohibited unless prior approval has been given. All Merchandise for sale, trade or display must be child appropriate as this is a family business. Food and Drinks cannot be sold without permission. Pets or animals are not permitted inside the store. (Service dogs welcome) Games of chance are not allowed. (lottery, rip offs, poker games etc...) Merchandise must be displayed within your dedicated area. Children must be supervised at all times. Rudeness to customers or other vendors will not be tolerated. Vendors must agree to be responsible for injuries or damages to persons or property arising from his/her occupancy or activities. Vendors are responsible for cleaning his/her space. Vendors must comply with the City of Hamilton income tax. Vendors must comply with bedding inspector. To prevent any type of infestation, all fabric and furniture must be treated with Steri-fab. This can be purchased in our office. Anyone not following our rules will be banned from our facility and will terminate your right to sell with no refund or credit.